Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Electrictal work can be fun. Or it can suck

I'm not going to go into many details here because it isn't very interesting, but let's just say that some of the old wiring in this house, done by the old owner, was not in good shape nor to code. Greg has since fixed that, and our ESA inspection went great.

Greg spent a lot of time wiring all of the new plugs in the kitchen, and making sure that our panel was up to date, labelled properly, and that the wires made sense. This is a job I am so glad he can do, because we saved a literal ton of money not having to pay someone to do this.

We added some neat details to the kitchen, like a plug way up the wall were an open shelf will be. Now we can plug in the amazing walnut finished Tivoli radio (with bluetooh!) that the family got me for my birthday up on the shelf! We are putting in a plug that has a USB port so that I can plug my phone in without needing the square adapter and taking up a plug space.

We also decided to put a fan into the ceiling because we are putting our stove under a window and therefore couldn't have a range hood. We looked into the building code about this, and it appears that there is no regulation against it in Ottawa. And really the only regulations anywhere are for natural gas stoves, which we do not have! I pinned a bunch of pics of stoves under windows on my Pintrest board here. The vent is by Broan, and I am currently hunting for a vintage Nutone chrome vent cover. Wish me luck!

Greg had to cut a hole in our roof,  and install this fan, which was difficult because our roof is very sloped, and I was at work that day and I hear that this particular job was one of the worst. He had to go up into the roof crawl space with long sleeves and a breathing mask on a very hot summer day and I am quite glad that I wasn't here for it!!

the first picture I recieved while at work. He told me he was all done. #hillbillyroofing

the actual finished job

I am very proud of Greg for his skills in electrical work. Having a handy husband is very economical (if not sexy!)


  1. A great job & kudos to Greg too! This brings back memories going back to 1988 when John, my deceased husband told me that he had plans to install 2 Velux roof windows in our brand new roof!! He wasn't a carpenter by trade but would try most anything and he did install both windows just like a pro .. To this date they've never leaked, etc. I hope you're taking lots of before and after photos!

  2. Woohoo! Husbands who do stuff like that are the best! :D

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