Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Where the hell I have been

So I just noticed that I havent posted anything since August.


I have been a bit busy. Else is now 20 months old, I've been working full time, AND I just had another baby!! We had a baby boy on December 1st and his name is Edward but we like to call him Eddie. Else loves him.

But all of this has kept me away from my blogging! Now I am back on Mat leave so expect some nice new posts cause we certainly have been working on stuff!

I would just like to mention that I have found a Mid Century Modern goldmine of info, right here on Blogger. Saul is a realtor but has a passion for MCM design. He has a floorplan for pretty much every style of MCM house built in Ottawa!! I am totally impressed with his blog and all the insights it has. However my hood is not included. Maybe it is too small, or maybe he just doesn't know about it. Anyways hopefully he will be able to help me out cause we are thinking about our future in this house.

When we found out we were having another baby, we started to think about how we would accomodate him or her into this house which is currently a 2 bedroom plus den. As you may know, the owners had switched the kitchen and master bedroom in the early 80's effectively ruining the layout for us in the future (I wish I could go back in time and make them change their minds!!!) I can appreciate that the kitchen as it is is like twice as big as it was, and that is a good thing, but we lost a bedroom!! And now we are thinking of putting it all back the way it was so that we can stay here. The kids can share a room for a while but there will come a time when that won't be possible any more. And when that time comes, will Else be old enough to have her own room on a different floor than everyone else? I am not sure sure about that.

The decision we need to make is if we are going to commit ourselves to this house for the long haul, or if we are going to sell and get a new place to start retro renovating. If we sell we are just going to redo the kitchen and keep it in the room it's in now. If we stay, we're going to do the switchover. We need to find the floor plans of our house to see how the kitchen was set up originally and if we can model around that using new materials and modern appliances (well, mostly modern, don't forget my turquoise wall oven and cook top!).

So, the big decision will have to wait..... stay tuned!!!

this is similar to our house but not quite the same. The window placements and the chimney are different and that actually makes a huge difference for our kitchen plans