Monday, November 26, 2012

Get Off The Pot

So I've been pretty busy lately. I've been doing a little blog stint over on the UsedEverywhere blog (check it out here) and trying to get some furniture refinished to sell on my other blog, Furniture Of A Certain Disposition. Making furniture pretty again is a lot of fun but holy time consuming, Batman. So, I haven't been up to much at the old homestead. I've been getting stuff together for Eddie's first birthday party, which will be super cute and I will share with you, and also getting Christmas together. Having two kids changes my time priorities and this is the first year that will really be sinking in.

In doing my Christmas shopping, I came across this little Russian enamel pot and I just want to show you guys! It's so sweet. Unfortunately this is not the colour I'm intending for my future kitchen but a little mismatched happiness never did anyone any harm right??

Here it is, my little Russian pot:

Eddie models pots very well I see a future in the Sears catalogue

Theres a little staining, as it's a well used pot, and one small chip in the bottom

so very pretty!!

apparently it's Russian. So says my sovietvintage Etsy seller resource!
Anyways I can't wait to make something. I was going to use it for the kids for their Christmas present, to go with their other present which is a retro white kitchen play set. But Mama is keeping this one, kids.

OMG speaking of making somehting that very same trip to Value Village netted me a Kitchenaid stand mixer!!!!!!! I had been at Sears drooling over an apple green mixer (so pretty so shiny):

Then we went to Value and found this one:

Cobalt blue but more like a blueberry
Not my first choice for colour but after my 30% off coupon it was $35 so I sucked it up and got a blue mixer. I have to order a bowl and mixer package but whatever I am still waaay ahead on buying a new one. So, let the baking begin!!