Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pantry Foundations

Greg has lots of good ideas (marrying me was his best one, obviously). He had this brain wave that ditching the closet for our soon to be bedroom, and making into a pantry, would be a way more functional use of space in our house. Agreed!
Greg again had to make a support underneath, as the area would have to be dropped down from where the stairs were.
the old door to the closet under the stairs. i freecycled this and it is now a picture holder in someone's living room!

this was on old closet that we kept all our camping stuff in

there is a bit of a space between the wall but this wall has it's days numbered as well!

this is kind of a weird closet now, but it's all we can do for now!
Once all of the framing was done, Greg ripped out the wall, the floor, and even had to saw out the old floor boards from the bedroom closet out (aka the stairs from the old kitchen. Confused yet?)


bye, wall!

this is starting to look like something!
Here is where we had some fun! We had always thought that this kitchen business had been arranged in the early 80's. A cousin of the original owners lives down the street, beside our bus friend. She said that she only remembered the house as it was now, with the kitchen in it's present location. We were confused by this, but then we found some layers of flooring in the kitchen closet/stairs area:
we were not expecting a second layer of ugly brown linoleum... Circa 1970?
and the best was pink and aqua VCT tiles!! Circa 1960s!

hardwood ruined with hardcore adhesive
 And, we found a time capsule. they had moved this stuff over in 1961! probably in the summer of 1961. When greg took out the walls, he found some newspaper stuffed in holes from where the clothing rod would have been. check this out!
Thursday, November 2 1961! Check out the difference between Female and Male help ads...

awesome vintage wedding rings!

which colour would YOU choose?

space; the final frontier

We are going to put this paper back in the wall, as well as a paper from today (or whenever we end up finishing the pantry) to make a new time capsule with a little note inside. Maybe we will be the ones to find it again in 40 years! Maybe someone else! I hope that they think it is Interesting!

We also found layers of paint colours, which I think is a time capsule of it's own.

this, my friends, was the kitchen ceiling at one point...

blue and turquoise were original

this pink was, I think, yesterday's version of "Builder Beige"

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