Wednesday, July 29, 2015


So. I haven't been updating regularly because we have been so damned busy!

Currently, we have all drywall up in the kitchen!

But first... lets talk demo!

Before we started, our new kitchen was the rec room, and now it is almost a kitchen again!

Greg took out ALL the old plaster, and we had some interesting discoveries.

we taped out the layout to get an idea of how it would look
bye bye carpet. Nice to see you again, original tiles!

hey no wonder this wall was freezing cold!

 There is no insulation in this house. Two layers of fiberous particle board is all that stands between us and 40 to -40 degrees. Don't you love that rag stuffed in the old sink plumbing??

I took the kids down to Southern Ontario for a week so Greg could get his hammer swining. And he sure did swing it!!

no more plaster!

He also built a structure under where the stairs to the kitchen would go. The first time it ended up being a little off level so he had to redo a bit of it. It is designed to put our big black fridge inside in case our little Euro fridge doesn't hold all that we need it to.

Then he cut a hole in the floor! The original stairs in this kitchen went straight in, but we are putting them in so they turn into the main wall. This meant we had to change the support underneath (hence the frame and jack post)

watch where you step!

interior view featuring boy, cat, and the support for the soon to come barrier wall

Then, Greg built the floor and stairs and removed the wall portion.
the cats enjoyed using this as a shortcut away from chasing children

cat helpers

we can see you, Cletus
We were originally thinking that we would build an entry wall with an arch across the top but greg had the great idea of leaving it open. We are fairly sure, due to the evidence we found behind the walls, that this part was open originally as well. We are trying to keep the kitchen as open and airy as possible because it is quite small, so this adds a ton of visual space!

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