Wednesday, August 8, 2012

oooooh thrift store finds! My new couch and chair

I had a very good thrifting day on Monday. It was a holiday so no one was out at the stores but my most favourite store of all, Value Village, was open! We went to the one by my house and got the kids a few fall clothes and Greg got a cardigan like he's been looking for. Nothing too exciting. I got the little vanity chair that I'll show you in a minute.

If you recall, we get the "value village feeling" and it usually turns into a great score. Well my friends, I hit a mother of a score at the Value Village on Bank street let me tell you!!! Stay tuned for a sneak peak of that one...

Anyways I got this chair for $8.

orange tweed and walnut veneer. Cant say no to that!

So the chair cushions are not in great shape and don't match my room. I went to Rockland Textiles here in town and bought some cute "kiwi" coloured upholstery fabric to redo them. I would say its like a green goldenrod if that makes sense, not so kiwi-y. Whatever. Its lightweight but thick. It matches my room. It has a very vintage look. Here are some pics of the really easy recovery process:

stapling the fabric to the bottom. i usually leave the original fabric underneath for posterity

sewing chair! a place to put things. I need more places.
the colour is awesome. its hard to get it on the camera tho

all done!

The fabric cost $11 for a half yard so overall I paid $19 for this chair. Not too bad. I may paint the frame the same colour as my vanity but I may leave it as is. One day if I get bored I'll get to it :)

NOW, wanna see my couch?? It needs a little work but I think it will sell well which is good cause I have kids who need to go to school one day :)

cletus, always the couch ruiner.
TEAK! yes :) Cushions are all nice, but I need to get new foam. We are putting in the webbing in the seat as it was plywood before. I'll write a post about this guy once it's all done!


  1. Great score on the couch! Teak is so hard to find these days. Did you recover the cushions or did they come that way?

    1. he cushions are original. Some of them are a bit dingy and theres a small food stain on one and a little liquid stain on another, and some pilling. I'm going to wash them (not sure how yet? Are they wool? I don't know!) and replace the foam and hen they shall be as good as new!!!