Thursday, July 12, 2012

Else's Bedroom

*WARNING: this post is very picture heavy!* 

Over a year ago (I know I know.. SLACK SLACK SLACK) I posted here about doing a post on my little girl's room. Then I went and got knocked up again and didn't find the time. Until now!
Oh you are all so lucky :)

Here is the before picture, taken hastily before the new bed was brought up:

couch: hand me down from an old roomate it is actually red velvet corduroy underneath. Crib: Ikea. Love it, was under $100 after my christmas tree coupon. Wallpaper: roosters in a country toile design.

some of the art I just put up. Owl totally made of feathers, and two margaret tarrant prints from an estate sale

freecycled dresser has been most handy.

 I suppose I should show you what this room looked like before we painted it! I didn't really take any pictures of it straight out, but I have a few tucked away that you can get the feel of it from.

uuugly. i broke the light with my head. 

Delia kindly modelled some clothes for my etsy shop. you can see the peachy hue of the paint. this room was ghastly in the afternoon sun. Delia on the other hand is beautiful. even in a green pantsuit.

Ok so we painted this room before we got pregnant with Else. We did it with a guest room and nursery in mind. We had a hard time finding wallpaper we really liked until we found the chickens. The chickens are amazing. They cost us a fortune too, thanks Benjamin Moore.

So now, Else is over two years old. She needs a big girl bed so that her little brother has a place to stay as he is wearing out his welcome in mommy's bed. That is when I found this beauty on kijiji for $25, in my neighbourhood and everything:

Greg stripped it down with this metal sander thing he got for doing bodywork on his Lada. He did need to use some paint stripper for the bed rails but it was way easy to just sand that crappy paint off. It was not original paint, in fact it was only about 30 yearsd old, and while it did have a certain shabby chic look to it, it was too chippy for a little girls bed plus there were some areas that were too paint-less for me. So, we painted it stark white. It looks awesome.


Else measures

Else tries out her new bed

someone is excited for their new big girl bed..... bet you cant guess who???

detail on head and foot boards
detail on rails

painting on the hottest day of the summer thus far



no boxspring
the finished project. quilt is vintage 30's or 40's

this was only a pretend nap. dang.

 We moved the shelf that was standing upright (the tall way) over to were the crib used to be, and that was the end of Else's room. I really really like it I think it turned out wonderfully.

no more crib! for now.... eddie might come in here one day to sleep too. more on that later (and no, no more babies dont even think such a ridiculous thought)


  1. What a beautiful room! I love that photo of her laying underneath the bed. So sweet.

    1. Thanks Eartha. I love that picture too. She is a real ham, that one!!

  2. Beautiful room and I just love the couch!!!

    1. thanks! I love the couch too. My husband has a death wish on it. He will never be rid of it if I can help it!