Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Renovating As A New Mother

I love my baby girl. She is an amazing little person and I have enjoyed my year at home with her. I had grand plans for the time I had away from work, and some of the things on my list where accomplished (like doing the den, the bathroom, and some gardening). Other than that... OH BOY was I unprepared for the time-suck that is child rearing! It is really really hard to get things done around here! Or to keep them clean enough to take pictures of all our hard work, or time to write blog posts about them! I try to write while Else is sleeping, but as I write this paragraph she is upstairs not taking her nap like a good girl should, and instead is warbling away to her Fisher Price aquarium in her crib. The sound makes my heart sing but it does not help the creative juices flow.

Else at 11.5 months, looking adorable as usual!

I really want to show you guys Else's room, because it was the first room that Greg let me have total control over and I really really love it. BUT.. it is always a stinking mess, and I can never get the pictures up on the wall like I want to.... so I have yet to take pictures of it. And now, I am going to move my vanity out of there so that when I start back to work I can let the baby sleep while I shower and do my hair (this room was "my room" for the whole year that we had it done and painted before the little one showed up). So, this means I will be rearranging things anyways, and perhaps that will give me some time to take a few decent pics and post them up for you.

So until that day comes.. you'll just have to wait :)

a sneak peek of the room from when Else was 6 months old, picture done by my friend Jen Allison

So, my advice to new moms (or moms with older kids cause I know the energy levels certainly increase as kids grow older) is to take things one small step at a time and eventually you will get what's needing to be done, done. But don't expect to have a bi-weekly or even monthly blog about it cause dudes... it took me a month to even THINK of cleaning my vanity out of the bedroom upstairs!


  1. You're a wonder woman Sara! I've seen probably only a smidge of the things you've been doing and it's very impressive. I am not renovating a house or am I a new mother and I don't get nearly as much done as you do. You're an inspiration! Your creativity and accomplishments is amazing. I love reading about it and it makes me want to do more with my time!

  2. hahaha don't fool yourself.. I am lazy!!! A lot of the stuff we had done before I started blogging :) I procrastinated setting up this blog, so at least I had a lot of back material and pictures to support me! I've actually been renovating for 2 years. Now you know my secret!! hahaha