Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's up, Buttercup?

So it's been almost a month since I posted on this blog :( I know I know.... I am a slacker. I have been really busy lately though! I swear!
Firstly, I got invited into the Admin bubble of FullCircles Ottawa and THAT, my friends and followers, has kept me quite occupied. I basically set up a blog for them, and we have got it going. We've got lots of posts up but we are still developing a reader base. But regardless I am having fun with it. I have met (online) lots of new and exciting people who care about "stuff" and what happens to it.
I also had to find some daycare for Else and that took up a full week of my time. I told my mom group that I didn't have daycare lined up yet, with two months to go til I have to go back... needless to say they all thought I was crazy! But I explained that I have a procrastination horseshoe up my ass and that something good would come to me. Well, it did! It took me about a week to find her, and another week to visit and meet and get the details worked out, but now little Loo has a place to go each day while her mommy slaves away at the daily grind.
On a more exciting note, I have been to an Estate Sale. It was GREAT. There was so much great stuff. The woman was a hoarder so there was a lot to go through but my most favourite going-through involved 3 closets and a room full of boxes with clothes! All from the 60's to early 80's. Man.. did I get some sweet deals!

And also most of the clothes I got are just plain cute and in good shape. Some were never worn. They were all filthy from sitting in a house for 40 years, but that is an easy enough problem to fix :) Anyways I walked out with about 30 dresses and some shirts, and I am listing them all on my Etsy shop so go take a look and see if you don't find something real nice that you'd like to wear! Discounts for friends!!! Mention this blog and I'll tell you how to get 15% off your order!
 However.... the MOST exciting part of the estate sale was the table that I bought!!! It's a 4 seater, Formica topped, chrome legged TURQUOISE TABLE that will match perfectly my turquoise wall oven and cooktop that are waiting to be installed!

can't remember if you've seen these or not so.. here they are!
I love my table! It is pretty grungy from years of sitting around, so I will have to scrub it all over with some baking soda but that's a cheap and easy fix for it. The pattern on it is grey crosses and white ones sort of layered under those... it's not a pattern I have seen before, and I think the table is from the 60's so it wouldn't be a pattern to look for in a 50's Formica catalogue. Ah well. I still love it.
Wanna see it? OF COURSE YOU DO!

legs are off, and yes there is a leaf for it
in scratchy shape but you can only tell close up
So, this is what I have been up to. I have trying to plot my next room of attack. I am not sure if I should paint the hall and make a picture wall at the top of the stairs, or should we do our bedroom next? It's a hard call and honestly, I feel a little burned out these days. But, I am also dreaming til the day I get my kitchen done and I toss back and forth bewteeen what colours I would like to go with. I think turquoise goes nice with red, but I think it goes REALLY well with pink! Wouldn't you agree??
pink and turquoise; lovers in a dangerous time


  1. That table is a beauty. It's hard to find one that's in good shape.

    And I live by the horseshoes up my procrastinating ass mantra too. Almost flawless record so far.

  2. procrastination is truly an art; those who don;t think so probably do all their stuff on time. They suck :)

  3. I sent you a message on etsy..hehe

  4. Oh I love the stove! Your table is beautiful too!