Friday, January 2, 2015

How's About Some Pintrest?

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As I am thinking more and more about this kitchen that I am going to be designing (omg omg) I am really drawn into these warm turquoise rooms. Turquoise can be a very cold colour; but it can be warm as well. Striking the right balance between the accents colours will be the key I think.

I'm going to share a few pics I have pinned on my various kitchen boards. These are the ones I am using as my main inspiration. I want a vintage kitchen, but I can't have one, so I'm going to make a close one dammit!!


Flooring is one of the first things I would like to pick out. It will really change what colours I choose for walls, for counters, and back-splashes. I think that the right hue will hit me and it'll all come together. Here are a few of the looks I really dig:


I love white cabinetry. I think it makes the space so bright and happy. It's also timeless. I don't want to do a kitchen again for 20 years. Here are a few styles that I think are groovy:

um, can we please discuss that SMEG fridge??????????


So I have one pic of a counter that I like that isn't butcher block..... however that's not a practice surface for this family!! I do love the Formica counters, and they are DURABLE, for ever. And that's what we will probably go with. Here is my lone pic:

hello Catherineholm I see you!

And now, to show you the main three Inspiration Pics that I am working off of, one at a time so we can discuss amongst ourselves:

I really love the dark floor in this one, and how the wood pops against all the white cabinets. I enjoy how the turquoise is kept to the backsplash, which gives it a bit of a showcase without being overwhelming; it keeps it modern. Yellow is probably going to be my main accent colour as well, so this has all the bases covered!

This one is pretty "retro". I am trying to stay away from full blown kitsch, but that'll be more dependant on accessories not cabinet styles and wall colours... right?

 This is my #1 favourite kitchen. I don't like the black dishwasher, but whatever. I love the subway tile. I love the sink. The floor is great and probably very close to what I am leaning towards. I like the style of the light above the sink with the wood valance and side shelves. This pic is pretty much everything.

So... as you can see, I have some decisions to make! This is going to be hard... wish me luck!!

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