Saturday, September 6, 2014

Good Bye, Ugly Front Door

Ever since we moved into this house, I've had a hate on for the front storm door. The brown was dusty. The yellow side panels were dim. I love a good retro piece but this door was just UGLY. Last summer we had a pretty intense hail storm. It ripped a few holes in the screen and shattered a spot in the yellow panel. The kids took to sticking thier hands through the holes, which slowly increased in size until this happened:

not ghetto at all.

 I looked at Habitat For Humanity ReStores but never found the right sized door, so then I went to Home Depot, Ronas, and finally Lowes. We wanted a fairly nice yet plain glass fronted door with a kick plate, as we have children. We wanted something that was fairly open so that you can appreciate the awesome white main door. I finally found the right door for the right price at Lowes and trucked it home. Or rather, I drove really slow down the quietest roads home because I was afraid the door was going to fly off the top of my car. Even though it was absolutely super secure. Those tie ropes from Ikea make a loooot of wind shear noise!!

astroturf is rotting away. awesome

the men doing man work

Eddie was very helpful

die and rot in hell, door

The new door was a snap to put in. It helps that Greg is handy, but regardless he had it up in no time at all.


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