Monday, March 26, 2012

I got bored so I made some curtains

I was sick of looking at my ugly mud room and its ugly windows so I decided to sew up some cafe curtains for it. I'd had my fabric bag out a few weeks before for some random reason and I found some sheets I'd bought a year or two ago (who can remember these things?) and one sheet in particular I've always really liked and now it has a purpose!

It didn't take too long to do the curtains. There were three windows the same and then the side windows, both of which were different. I cut them, sewed them, and then hung them using fishing line and thumbtacks.
For a simple pick me up I think they turned out pretty good! I may yet take hem down and line the back with white or something because the sun shines through them pretty heavily but also the back side of the sheet is what faces out to the deck and it looks kind of ghetto.

it was kind of dark in the room

but u get the idea

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